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IMG_6150The snap of a latex glove causes some to shiver.  Imagine an entire latex gloved arm!  Yep!  It is that time of year again; time for ultrasounding and pregnancy checking.  We ultrasounded the bred yearling heifers a few weeks ago.  It was a cool, damp day, but we loved every minute of it.  The heifers looked great, and the pregnancy rate was awesome.  Doesn’t get much better than that.


The Wild Child, being a ranch girl, knows you can always take clothes off if you are hot, but we might not always have extra if you are cold.  She loves working with us, and is not afraid to bundle up.  She is putting on an extra neck gator here on her way to the corrals.


Doc Beck from the Fallon County Vet Clinic in Baker, MT is the ultrasound magician.  He makes our spring heifer calving MUCH less stressful by giving us all the details we need to make detailed sorts.  Here he is showing Carmen the calf details on the ultrasound screen.


Where the magic happens… and shit.


The lost is found again.  This bull had escaped capture when we took all the bulls out of the cows and heifers to go back to their life outside of breeding season.  He was back with the heifers when we gathered to ultrasound.  I’m sure he was sad he had to go back with his buddies and not hang out with the girls anymore. IMG_6153

Just when we were flying through heifers, one jumped up and popped a hose.  Doc Beck had spares, Fred had tools, and before too long things were back up and running.

The breakdown gave Gary a chance to clean up his glasses and wipe off the rain.

Our friends Laurel and Christine, visiting South Dakota from sunny California, got to experience the whole situation.  I am confident that they were happy to go back to their regular jobs and not have to participate in this job on a regular basis.  IMG_6159

All in all it was a great day.  The heifers tested well.  The moisture is always welcome.  We got all the heifers hauled a lot closer to home.  And best of all, we had a great time all working together.  IMG_6161

Until next time… JARW

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