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Miss Procrastination

WorkWork 1Time has gotten away from me once again, which doesn’t surprise those who know me.  To the rest of you, the closet door is open and I’m introducing another of my many skeletons.  You’ll learn to love her given enough time, or learn to tolerate her anyway.  She is lovingly (or grudgingly) known as Miss Procrastination.  Every day I think “I need to get a JARW post done.”  And that dang Miss Procrastination ‘saves’ me from getting it done day after day.  Today, however, she is locked in the closet and I’m getting this post done no matter how hard she knocks on the door or how loud she hollers.

My last few weeks have at least been productive.  We have preconditioned calves, shipped calves, pregnancy tested cows, hauled cows closer to home, attended local church soup suppers and local pancake suppers, cheered at volleyball games and football games, watched our daughter be crowned the high school homecoming queen, hauled hay, watched hay burn up… the weeks have been busy.  I’ll save you reading time and instead give you a pictorial glimpse of our last few weeks.

UPDATE:  Here it is SEVERAL days later and I have yet to get this done.  Today is the day!!

Entertaining herself while waiting to push up the next bunch of calves.


Granny cussing me because I had caught her on camera.  🙂IMG_6475

Fred and the Wild Child pushing up calves.IMG_6479

Pine and his brother, Matt, discussing the merits of a heifer calf.IMG_6480

It was a LONG day and eventually little ranch kids need a break.


Heifer calvesIMG_6487

Granny & Papa checking out calf weights while shipping.

Heifer calves coming off of the truck.

Trent & the WC waiting for another load to show up. IMG_6500

Our volleyball girls supporting “Pink Out” and the fight against breast cancer.  They wore pink socks and pink hair bands all month long.IMG_6580

Bobbing for apples at the local “Trunk-or-Treat”IMG_6690

Eli’s and the WC’s masterpieces.IMG_6697

The Queen and her wicked sisters.

IMG_6429Until next time… JARW