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Merry Christmas

Christmas 2015My good friend, Jody, sent this to me some time back.  I loved it then and love it every time I go back and read it.  She found it on this website:

Let’s focus today, not on our “have-nots” and wants, 
but rather on our “haves” and present blessings. 
Why not take a moment right now to pause and thank God 
for the place He’s given you to live?
Accept your home and be content in it. 
Offer it to the Lord today to do with as He pleases and ask Him 
to send His creativity through your home as you use it 
to serve your family and all those He will send your way.
Don’t be ashamed of your things, for in them lie possibilities.
Remember what Jesus was able to do with water (turn into wine) 
and a few fish and a few loaves of bread (fed a tiny city)– 
He is able to do anything with what you bring to Him in faith.

Merry Christmas, JARW friends!  How blessed I am to have “met” so many of you through the past year.  May your Christmas holiday season be filled with love and laughter.

God Bless,

Just A Ranch Wife

Happy LATE Thanksgiving


Tis the season of giving thanks and sharing blessings. I have so very much to be thankful for, and in fact count my blessings daily and give thanks.  However, I think I need to give some extra thanks during this season of CHRISTmas.  So here goes.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my faith.  GOD has blessed me abundantly, and continues to bless me abundantly.  I am so thankful for HIS infinite wisdom, guidance, blessings, and timing… even though I am often very impatient.  🙂  HE reminds me quite frequently that things happen on HIS timeline.  Seeing all that is going on in this world makes me so sad.  There is a definite lack of GOD in our world.  I try to daily keep all those suffering in my prayers.  I need to add all those who are committing atrocious crimes to my prayers.  They sure need GOD.

IMG_7228As you would expect (yes, I’m predictable), I’m extremely thankful for my amazing family, in-laws, and out-laws.  😉  Our Thanksgiving was spent with my side of the family, and our CHRISTmas will be spent at home with Pine’s side of the family.  I absolutely can’t wait.  Our Thanksgiving was glorious, filled with love, laughter, lots of kids, and even a new baby great-nephew to love on.  How can anyone NOT be thankful to GOD when there is a new baby to snuggle.

Blessing #3 is being ‘Just’ a ranch wife.  Kate Moving CowsI love this life that I live.  I love WHERE I live.  I love what we do.  And most of all, I love that the Wild Child is growing up here, and that all our older kids (even though only one is still here full time) are “ranch kids.”  The life lessons learned growing up in agriculture are amazing.  The work ethics learned from a life in agriculture are unmatched.  I am eternally thankful that my broken road led me to this place.

Value of a Moment

My washer and dryer make my blessing list.  I can’t imagine living back in the day of wash boards, freeze drying clothes, lye soap…  I was so thankful when I unloaded the suitcases from our trip to Cass’ state VB tournament and unloaded suitcases after our Thanksgiving trip and started loads of laundry.  Oh yes— and the fact that we have so many clothes to choose from (probably too many actually) is another blessing.  We are surrounded by abundance.

I’m blessed for all the prayer warriors in my world.  I have two friends who are battling breast cancer, one of which is getting ready to undergo surgery as I type this, and other friends battling other forms of cancer.  There are so many suffering from many diseases and heartbreak.  The prayer warriors work overtime and for that I’m eternally grateful.

More blessings are our businesses.  We were so abundantly blessed this year with moisture, hay, amazing cattle prices, and thus far a fairly mild (albeit extremely cold some days) winter.  It is amazing that we can make a living doing what we love.  My home-based business is thriving, too.  Our cups runneth over.

My blessings go on and on and on.  I hope you are equally as blessed.

Until next time… JARW