Awww Spring

I wish there were a way to bottle the smell of spring so you could smell it instead of reading about it.  For all those living the same life as me, you can understand what I’m talking about. For those of you that have never experienced life in the middle of nowhere, the smell of spring is absolutely amazing.  I step out the door in the morning to the smell of green grass freshly washed with the recent snows and rains.  Truly, you can smell the grass, and if you listen hard enough I think I can hear it growing as well.  There are signs of spring emerging everywhere.  My favorites are the crocuses and the Mayflowers.  The crocuses shot up everywhere seemingly overnight.  Crocuses 1

I love their fuzzy little stems that keep them warm on these cool spring nights, and even warm through the recent 6+ inches of cold wet snow.  These little beauties are strong and steadfast, always signaling that spring is here.


The crocus is also known as the American Pasque Flower.  This is most often the first flower to bloom in the spring and the pasque, along with the motto “I lead”, was designated the SD Floral Emblem.  The stewards of this beautiful ranch, Pine and his father (known as Papa by his grandkids), are the ones who first told me where to find the earliest crocuses.  The Mayflowers are out in full force, too, showering the prairie with patches of white and purple.  April showers usually bring May flowers, but this year I think it was the April snow that encouraged these beauties to bloom.  May Flowers

Hoping you love these little blasts of beauty.

Until next time… JARW

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