Barbed Wire

It pokes.  It tears.  It cuts.  It rips.  It scratches.  Yeah, yeah… it also keeps the cows where they belong.  But for goodness sakes!  Ugh!  Barb wire is my daily morning adversary.  I open and close several barb-wire gates each morning while feeding.  It definitely shortens the amount of time it takes to do chores if the person in the tractor doesn’t have to get out to open the gate to the hay corral, get back in the tractor and get out some bales, climb back down out of the tractor to close the gate, get back in the tractor to drive to the feed ground…. you get my drift.  I try to keep the gates open and ready to the hay corrals and to the right pastures, and then go back and close the gates behind the tractor.  And for this ranch wife, not much is worse than opening a gate where the top wire at the gate post is barbed wire and not smooth wire.Top Wire 1

The weather has been warmer the last couple of days.  Yesterday morning I had my coat unzipped for a bit as my layers were getting a little on the warm side.  Then it happened.  It bit me.  The damn barb bit me.  Good fences and good gates are stretched tight.  If you are one of the big strong men around here you can walk up, put your hand on the gatepost, and just with one push get enough slack to open the gate.  Now I’m no slouch.  Matter of fact I like to think that I’m fairly strong.  However, we have gates that require me to reach around the gatepost and grab the fence post in order to pull them close enough to make enough slack to take the wire off and open the gate.  So picture this if you will… walking up to a gate post, wrapping your arm around the gate post (the one in the picture to be exact), and those damn barbs biting right through your sweatshirt.  Yikes.  The picture is true.  NO RANCH WIFE EVER asked that the top wire closest to the gate post be barbed wire.  I’m serious… NOT EVER.

The picture below, on the other hand, shows a great, ranch-wife friendly gate.  This gate never bites me.  See the SMOOTH wire leading up to the gate post?  See what good men there are around here?  They fixed this gate and pieced in a piece of smooth wire at the end of the barbed wire.  See that!  There is smooth wire close to the gate post.  This is the place where my arm, arm pit, and other anatomy pushes.  Now that’s love!

IMG_2788It’s the little things!  “Feel” the love.

Until next time… JARW
Top Wire 1Top Wire 1Top Wire 1

11 thoughts on “Barbed Wire

  1. Mary Lee Marty

    For sure, my mom and I have both had lumps removed and Dr. told us from opening gates. Now that I am not going out so much, the men are replacing with steel gates, guess I am too low on the totum pole.

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      🙂 I think you are actually probably pretty high up on the totem pole, Mary Lee. I had a biopsy not to long ago and the doctor asked the same thing… had I had any trauma there. Damn gates.

  2. V. Bothwell

    On our farm, gates have always been for wusses, says my husband. Why don’t you just let down the wires….. Now my son is doing the chores, he is installing gates. Only takes one or two generations for sense to prevail!

  3. Krista Wegner.

    The sandhills of Nebraska are filled with a handy invention called a gate lever. When I first saw one I thought to my self what a bunch of sissys lived down here. Now I cringe at the few gates that don’t have one on it.

  4. Mary

    After much protesting, we have gate openers on most of the gates, but for those that don’t, there are the handy wire stretchers. Red brand barbwire is the worst. I would take the fencing pliers and cut off the barbed tips next to the gate stick!

  5. Jessica

    We use smooth wire and some have gate openers but the gates are so tight. My sister and I have used our horse reins or ropes (when we have ropes with us). When on foot we just jump in the middle of the gate and stretch the wires a little to get them open. Of course the man in the tractor frowns upon it, but somedays I’d like to be the warm one in the tractor!


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