Bleacher Butt

IMG_1014My ranch wife-ing has taken a backseat as of late to being a mom and a sports fan.  Our high school football team played in the second round of the play-offs last Monday.  On our drive to town the Wild Child started complaining about being hot, but we had our long johns, etc. on for the football team so that didn’t worry me too much.  Then she said her belly didn’t feel too good, but we were a couple of hours late for dinner so that didn’t worry me much either.  We turned on the air conditioning, got some food in her belly, and went to my mom’s house in town to rest up before the football game.  She said she was much better and played until game time.  About the second quarter, though, she didn’t feel so hot.  We spent all the second half rocking in the bleachers and for the Wild Child– that is unheard of. We ended up leaving in the fourth quarter as she was now running a fever and feeling horrible.  She slept the whole way home and cried when I woke her up to put her pajamas on because her head hurt.  She never did throw up, fortunately, but we spent the next several days in the house battling a fever on and off, and with her spending lots of time sleeping.

IMG_0583Our daughter’s volleyball team got a bye in the first round of districts thus allowing the WC a couple more days to heal up. Thursday found us loading up and heading to the semi-final game of the district tournament.  Our girls won thus sending us to the championship game on Friday night.  Even though they tried to push the parents in the stand over the edge with craziness, our team won the district tournament in five games.  The Big Guy took the WC and our daughter’s car and headed home.  I loaded up the two older girls and a straggler (just kidding Jimi!)  and headed half way across the state to spend the night before driving the rest of the way on Saturday morning to watch my nephew and the rest of our high school football team in their semi-final game.  They came up short.  Rats!  Our senior boys, though– man what a high school career they have had.   In their four years of high school they have made it to the semi-finals two years and to the championships two years– winning the state championship last year.  It has been so fun to watch them.

Those 979.3 miles and seven hours of bleacher time, plus the hours of car time weren’t enough so we loaded back up on Tuesday and went to watch our daughter play in the regional championship volleyball game in their bid to win a trip to the state tournament.  The 334.4 total miles round trip, the five hours in the pickup, and the two hours of gym time were definitely well worth it.  The girls are heading to the state tournament next weekend.  What a grand time we have had chasing kids!

On the days between games we keep plugging along here on the ranch.  I had to laugh when I heard someone ask my husband if he has all his fall work done.  He replied– “Last years.”  It sure feels that way some days.   Our kids, though, will be gone before we know it…  well all except the Wild Child.  She will be keeping us on our toes and running for quite a few more years.  Until then, we plan to miss as few of their events as we can.  Life is grand.

Until next time  —- JARW

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    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      It gets expensive doesn’t it, not to mention the time! We will travel another 1,000 miles next weekend going to state volleyball and back, plus can’t get a room in the town where the tournament is so we are driving 35 miles back and forth from a neighboring town. I wouldn’t change it though as I LOVE where we live. Can’t imagine living anywhere else in our state!


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