Blessings and Hardships

FlowersThe talk over the last few days has been the crazy weather, the tornadoes, and the devastating storms in several parts of the country.  My heartfelt prayers to all those who have lost so much.  Here in our part of the world we had tornadoes and torrential rainfall.  Parts of our county received close to six inches of rain in a matter of hours.  Vehicles were washed off of the road on Highway 85 north of Belle Fourche, and one woman is still missing.  Elsewhere in the state, tornadoes did untold damage.  Lots of heartbreak.  Please keep all those involved in your thoughts and prayers.

IMG_8103Here at home, we have been blessed with amazing moisture.  We are busy trying to get haying equipment ready to go.  All the cows are out on summer grass.  IMG_8198The bulls are out trying to get their jobs done.   bullWe already have a young bull that has injured himself so had to haul an extra one out to help with the workload.  So it goes.

Then there is the mowing.  We have lots of mowing, both here at our home place, as well as the house in town and the lots in town.  My in-laws and Cass spent several of the last few days in town getting mowing done, trees trimmed, branches cleaned up, etc.  I spent those days here at home keeping our yard, my mother-in-laws yard, and all the places in between mowed and trimmed.

I have loved the cooler weather and how green everything looks.  The garden is planted and growing.  The cattle pot, after Pine spending the better part of two days cleaning on it, is shined up and ready for its next round of hauling.  The horses are slicked off and shiny.  The wild flowers are blooming like crazy and often beautifying my table.  I sure am surrounded by beauty.

The rodeo season also continues for the Wild Child.  Her second rodeo went pretty well.  She won fourth in all three of her events that day— the stick horse barrels, the goat tail untying, and the dummy roping.  ropingIMG_4062She made a haul.  Speed is loving (I’m sure) sporting a new pink halter and new bell boots.  IMG_4208She also had a blast riding Gloria, her friend’s pony.  They were two flaxen-maned beauties!  IMG_4188Today we will run to town for t-ball practice and swimming lessons.  Those two things will come to a screaming halt when we get started cutting hay.  We will enjoy them until then.

Until next time… JARW

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