IMG_0028Most days I’m not really sure exactly what day of the week it really is– at least during summer.  It is easier to keep track during the school year.  However, not knowing what day of the week it is doesn’t mean we aren’t in need of our calendar.  We actually have three calendars going 24/7/365.  The desk calendar, a smaller carry along calendar that often is in my purse, and the calendar on my phone / computer.  They are all used daily and they are all necessary to keep our craziness in check.

Having one of our high school girls now in college has alleviated some of our calendar space, but not much.  Now I find I just try to keep track of her college events on my calendar, as well, so as to kind of believe that I still know what is going on in her life.  Also, being part of a huge family finds me trying to keep track of their events, too, so that I can squeeze in trying to watch all of our nieces and nephews.  I usually fail miserably, but still try my best.

This week we were trying to schedule shipping dates for our calves.  Since we have calves in many summer locations, we haul all the calves to town and weigh and load trucks there.  We also ship our steers and heifers on different dates.  We first get rid of all the dates that will NOT work with our crew, and then go forward from there.  We have to find dates that work with the guy who weighs our calves at the HC Stockgrower’s Pavilion, the guy who brand inspects, and guy who takes ownership for the buyer, as well as friends who help us haul our calves to town.  It took most of the morning to get everyone on the same page.  We had success, though.  Our dates are scheduled.

The days between now and then—  about six weeks— are looking pretty stacked.  They are all filling in quite rapidly with preconditioning, volleyball games, football games, a speaking engagement for JARW, hunters, and an ag conference.  The time will fly.  This is my favorite time of the year!  Of course I will be happy when the calves are gone and the cows are all pregnancy checked and where they are supposed to be for the winter, but until then I will enjoy every single work-filled fall day!

Until next time– JARW

One thought on “Calendars

  1. cheri

    Calendars and watches! We have those little stick on calendars in every vehicle. This is a busy calendar filling quickly time. Our steers are sold, going out end of October. YEA! I love the busy fall work. Love being on my horse working cows. Then on the back of the feed truck pitching hay off. 🙂


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