Catching Up

IMG_8080Oh my!  Where to even begin.  It has been so long since I updated my blog, in fact, it has been an embarrassingly long length of time. Life, as all of you know, can get crazy and time runs away.  I’ll try to start with some highlights of what has happened around here over the last few months.

This is how our day started on March 15th.  The Wild Child and I were putting out pairs.  We 2015-03-15 17.22.10had just pushed two pairs through the gate and she said she was going to lope up the hill and locate more pairs.  I snapped this picture with my phone as she loped up the hill.  Pretty soon she came loping back towards me and then turned and headed towards the feed ground/water tanks, etc.  I wasn’t that worried and started loping behind her telling her to pull up and wait for me.  Then things went from bad to worse.  There were lots of cows on the feed ground, many that started running when she came loping through.  Dollar, the horse that she was riding, then started working and chasing the cows to turn them back.  My Wild Child made it about another 1/4 mile after losing her stirrups before she finally bounced off.  I ran up, bailed off my horse, and she jumped up and just stated “Mom, you need to help me.  I think I broke my arm.”

2015-03-16 07.49.26Poor kid.  I told her she probably didn’t break it and that it was probably just sore, and then slowly pulled her jacket down off of her shoulder.  I didn’t have to pull it down very far to realize that yes, she had indeed broke her arm.  I just pulled her jacket back up, pulled off my shirts, and then used my turtle neck to bind her arm to her body assuring her that it would help it feel better.  Thank heavens for cell phones.  I called Pine and told him to bring the mule and another rider.  He picked us up and we headed for home, and then for the emergency room.  Diagnosis:  Fractured humerus.

 At this point, she has only been out of her cast since May 26th.  She was casted for a little over 10 weeks. The weight of the cast pulled the bones back in line, and now they have to knit back together.  She is not casted, but her arm is not yet healed.  We go back to the doctor at the end of July.  She has had to miss some of her favorite things… riding, sorting pairs, getting pairs out to summer pasture, some youth rodeos, and getting to ride.  She can’t play softball.  She can’t ride her bike.  Basically, she is not supposed to do anything that could cause her to fall and catch herself, thus putting pressure on that upper arm and potentially re-breaking it.

2015-03-23 13.15.44 The cast didn’t slow her down much.  She was thrilled to still be able to do chores every morning, be my chauffeur, ride her horse, hold her sweet new niece (my beautiful granddaughter), walk through pairs, and many other tasks.   2015-04-14 09.59.35
Most importantly for her, she got to wrestle calves with her brother. The non-cast, though, has definitely slowed things down.   We hold our breaths when she runs across the driveway hoping that she doesn’t trip and fall.  We hold our breaths when she climbs a fence or runs and jumps on the beanbag.   We don’t hold our breath and smile with happiness when we watch her rope the dummy and being happy to have her roping arm back.
2015-04-16 14.58.27

 So we wait for more healing, and count our blessings that her injury wasn’t worse.

Until next time. . . JARW


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. Cheri

    Oh I can totally relate to the Wild Child. I broke my ulna and radius right at the wrist this February. I have some awesome looking titanium holding things back together. Pulling a calf from a jumpy heifer. I felt so useless all winter. Like the Wild Child within months I was branding, roping and riding! Nothing can hold down a cowgirl! Go get em Wild Child!


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