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Thursday’s Thoughts– things I love.

Have you used the totes or thermals from Thirty-One?  They have made a wonderful addition to my home.  My first purchase was the Large Utility Tote.  This baby can haul so much stuff.  I now own several.  I pack them full of pans of bars, coffee cups, thermoses, water jugs, etc. when hauling food on the days we precondition calves, or days we pregnancy check cows, or on days we are shipping calves, etc.  The best part about them, other than the size, is the fact that the handles actually run entirely under the tote so they aren’t just attached at the top waiting to rip off.  I can’t imagine the number of pounds I have hauled in these.  I recently used them to pack clothes, shoes, makeup — essentially as an overnight bag while going to my nephew’s wedding.  I love them.

I also have a couple of the Market Thermal Totes.  These keep the hot things HOT and the cold things COLD.  I have made hot dishes, thrown them in this thermal, hauled them to where we were working cattle, and left them sitting in the pickup for several hours.  Lunchtime rolls around and shazam– I still have a hot meal to serve.  Same with cold drinks– throw some ice in the thermal, throw in the drinks, and enjoy cold beverages whenever you need them.

All in all, these are some great bags.  I look forward to trying more of their products and recently got a catalog to peruse to find my next product to try.  Check them out!  This ranch wife loves them.