Cowboy Poet

Some sweetness from one of the JARW readers, Jacque Trumbull.  Thanks Jacque for sharing your talent with us!  Published with author’s permission. 


    Just what is a cowboy poet?
    I’m beginning to ponder that thought
    ‘Cause some folks don’t think I fit the mold.
    Guess I don’t look as they think I ought?

    Well, I’m not really a cowgirl,
    Only a rancher affiliated with cattle.
    But the poems that I spin as I ponder
    Are based on ranch life including a saddle.

    I’ve ridden long miles cross the prairie,
    Spent many years in the hills of sand
    And I’m most happy to say,
    “I wear the Master’s Brand”

    My poems tend to have a ranch flavor,
    Often telling about things of the life.
    One thing I will tell you for certain,
    Cow country sees plenty of strife!

    I wouldn’t trade this life for another.
    I’ve lived elsewhere and it just don’t take.
    Watching wildlife and grazing cattle 
    It’s a life I don’t care to forsake.

    Maybe I don’t fit the mold set by some,
    I’ve been a maverick according to some
    So I just write Cow Country poetry
    And pray that to Jesus others will come.

    J.R. Trumbull
    6 July 2013

7 thoughts on “Cowboy Poet

  1. Carol B. Layton

    That picture is just plain awesome! And the poem is touching… makes me want to know the poet. With all the chaos that seems to assault us every day, the postings by you are an island of sanity and peace… and often humor… a badly needed ingredient in all our lives.

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      Thanks, Carol. It isn’t all sanity and peace here! There are days of complete chaos. But yes, we can usually laugh at ourselves after the fact! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. Carolina

    Love the poem and you will be tickled to know that the photo you have above is my wallpaper on my office PC. I am often asked where is that beautiful place and I say my future home, South Dakota!

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      The picture of the clouds and fence? Very cool. I took that in our east pasture. It is one of my favorite pics from last summer. It was a beautiful day.


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