Day in Pictures 9.20.13

We worked more calves at some leased summer land just across the state line into Montana.  Like the rest of our area of the world, it looks so beautiful this year.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from that day of working calves.

Gathered in the first pasture, trailing across this pasture, and then into the pasture where the corrals are located.


Riding down to open some gates.


Trailing down the lane to the corrals.


This made me laugh– all the riders and then the Wild Child bringing up the rear.


Sorting cows out the gate.


Papa waiting to bring more cows.


The big guy following some cows in to be sorted out the other gate.


STUMP THE CHUMP TIME:  Any guesses on what this piece of equipment is?


The Wild Child playing in the loading chute while the rest of us are working calves.


Part of the crew enjoying a little lunch, iced tea, and visiting after all the calves were worked.


The arena where our friend, a former NFR Steer Wrestling Average Champion, honed his skills!  Check out the view!


A better view of the view!  Absolutely beautiful!


The view while standing in the left-side of the roping box.


Until next time– JARW

6 thoughts on “Day in Pictures 9.20.13

  1. cheri

    Wide open spaces. Love it! Is that a reel to roll up cable wire? Love the pic with Papa on his horse. I so appreciate when the old guy helps around here. Sometimes he can be a pain in the rear, but he holds so much knowledge. I just love to pick his brain!

  2. Les Harrelson

    Good looking country and some nice looking cattle. That old calf cradle that you wanted us to guess about doesn’t look like it’s been used in a while. Just wondering do you still drag your calves?

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      Les– the country looks amazing this year. As for the calf cradle– it isn’t ours. It was at a place were we lease summer grass. We have three different places that we brand our calves– at one of those places we do drag our calves. At the other two it works better to have just pairs of wrestlers that handle things.

  3. Bonnie

    The old lay down calf branding chute is similar to one my Dad used to have. Loved all the pictures, but think I like the Long Pines onw best, or am assuming where you are.


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