Day in Pictures 9.18.13

Some of my favorite pics from yesterday.

My friend Karen trying to get the burs out of her husband’s horse’s tail.  I wish I would have had my camera handy earlier when her horse had so many burs in his forelock that he looked like a unicorn.  I miss all the good stuff.  It was good for a laugh, though.


The Wild Child keeping “books.”  She wrote down the numbers of the calves coming through the chute.  She had her own set of books for her dad.


These two pictures were taken while working cows at the corrals where we lease some summer grass. Here are the babies bawling at one gate,


and their mommas bawling at another. IMG_0102

My friend, Karen, the Wild Child, and Dot all hanging out in the shade waiting for some action.


The Wild Child and her aunt’s dog, Dot.  They are fast friends. IMG_0100

The Wild Child and her Papa riding back to the trailer.


Three generations.  This makes my heart smile SO big!


The Big Guy weighing a calf.


She is a kid of many talents.  She kept the ID tags filled, too.


One of the steer calves.  They were looking good.


Some of the working crew.  From left to right– Papa’s horse Oscar, my horse Dollar, and the big guy’s horse Stripe.  The Wild Child named Stripe and Oscar.  Don’t know where her horse was at this point.

IMG_0074More pictures coming tomorrow of my “today.”  Until next time– JARW

5 thoughts on “Day in Pictures 9.18.13

  1. cheri

    Nice big soggy calves! Mama’s & babies get so noisy bawlin back and forth. Looks like a great day to work calves! But then again, any day is a great day to work cows. Have a good one tomorrow.

  2. Richard Day

    Truly enjoy the post(s). Helps me escape the stuff from which there Is no escape. But, I’m thankful to know that your stories are just as real, meaningful, encouraging and positive – even more so than what the news reports – TV and printed – make money from and promote more “stuff” happening. I think you get the drift of what I’m trying to say. Simply – Thanks!

  3. Bonnie

    Love that the WC is so involved in what all of you do. She will be quite the ranch woman when she grows up, if she so chooses. All the pictures are great. So nice to see this country still so beautiful this time of year. Nice looking calves, looks like they are weighing good.

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      The calves are weighing great, Bonnie! Glad you like the pictures. Sometimes I think I might overkill on the pictures, but hard to just describe the beauty. Isn’t the country just amazing this year? The WC is involved and loves to be involved. She would love it even better if she were the boss! LOL.


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