Digging for Bones

I saw an article in our local paper this week about the middle school students getting to visit a triceratops excavation site.  The site was only about 10 miles from town and the kids at the country school in my community (10 miles north) and the kids from the school in town (10 miles south) all got to spend an afternoon at the site.  What an amazing experience for them—- even more so in that it was happening in their own “backyard.”  The paper stated that because there were so few students, “the young people were able to spend much of the afternoon helping plaster some of the fossil.” (Nation’s Center News, Vol 35. No 07, Thursday, October 3, 2013).

This reminded me that I forgot to tell you about some women I got to meet last week.  Two business women come from California to hunt fossils at our south place, among other locations.  This is the seventh year that they have made this trek.  I have never had the honor of meeting them until this year.  When asked what draws them here they told me that it was the beauty of the wide open spaces.  I have to agree.  It is beautiful. This is some of the scenery at the south place.  Forgive me for phone pictures.  I forgot my camera in the pickup, which is totally unlike me. 20130925_081501

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 There is a lot of beauty is just nothingness.  Speaking of beauty– the day I met the classy California women we were preconditioning calves at the south place.  Those of you who know me know that I’m NOT classy, and I definitely don’t spend a lot of time fixing my hair on a good day.  This was not a good day.  I have thick horse hair.  It is not conducive to styles of cuteness.  Imagine my surprise to learn that one of these businesswomen owns a salon– a beauty salon.  Oh my goodness.  And there I stood with my “natural look!”  

I told her, “I bet you are thinking ‘for gosh sakes woman, fix your hair!’ ”  She laughed and denied it.  I didn’t buy it.  Her next comment was something along the lines of bringing her scissors next year.  I’m laughing thinking about it now.  If she is a miracle worker she would cut my hair into a style that I NEVER had to fix and just looked good straight out of the morning shower.   Unrealistic I know… but I’m good living in a fantasy world for a bit every now and then.  

Until next time– JARW









































2013-10-01 10.00.40 2013-10-02 12.06.34




3 thoughts on “Digging for Bones

  1. cheri

    What a cool thing for the kids to do. Love the beauty of nothingness. So peaceful. That 1st pic is gorgeous. Love the wide open spaces.

  2. Laurel Chirico

    Hi Tami……you have beautiful hair!!! I would love to cut it and NOT because you need it, because maybe it would be fun to have something new, a cut that is sexy, beachy and easy to care for. Most of all I love your blog ( those girls do sound cool hehe)and the pictures makes me yearn for SD. Always, Laurel

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      You are a sweet talker, Miss Laurel! 🙂 Glad you checked out the blog. Keep following. You don’t have to limit your trips to SD to just sifting through history. Would welcome you anytime. I’m sure you would enjoy watching all the babies running around. Enjoy your warmth. Just got in from checking heifers and it is NEGATIVE 19 degrees right now and supposed to get down to negative 30 degrees tonight. Should make for chilly trips to the corrals.


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