Dreaming of Summer

I’m dreaming of summer… even fall!  Just not winter.  I’m pretty much being a baby as we have some beautiful days coming, but tonight…. It’s cold out there!!   What’s not to love about days like these pictured.  Watching the Wild Child ride off next to her dad always makes my heart happy.IMG_6333 IMG_6337 IMG_6343

The Wild Child and her Papa riding out.IMG_6360

The Wild Child and her dad riding back to the trailer.  She was expounding on how she felt the day went.

And now… with lots of new babies on the ground that I have yet to take any pictures of, I thought I would share a few pictures I took last fall of some of our “babies”.IMG_6387 IMG_6388 IMG_6395I tore the tailgate off of the pickup a couple of weeks ago.  Well, actually, I mangled the tailgate and then removed it from the pickup.  I didn’t actually “tear it off”.  The result is the same.  2015-01-24 07.00.29There is a mangled tailgate that is no longer attached to the pickup.  Ugh.  I followed that up by pulling up to the house to unload groceries, opening door to several bags falling out and pouring their contents on the ground.  Then, just to make sure I completed my day of yuck, I put the pickup away and walked my in-law’s mail into their house only to find that I had left their mail at our house and taken our mail to their house.  2015-01-24 07.00.18At this point I just started laughing.  It was either that or cry.  Nothing to cry about, no one hurt or suffering, so I chose laughter.  It was a good choice and one that I need to choose more often.

Lizzie, the paint horse that the Wild Child has been blessed to get to ride the past few months, cut her foot just2015-01-14 14.48.01 above her hoof while pawing at a fence on Christmas Eve.  It ended up having to be sutured and casted, and then Miss Lizzie was on “barn rest” for a few weeks.  She wasn’t too pleased with us.  She wanted out to hang out with her friends.  The day finally came to get her cast cut off.  She was a rock star.  The vet said she was the first horse ever that he didn’t have to sedate to cut the cast off.  Way to go, Liz!  It was after I had unloaded Lizzie that I tore the tailgate off.  I had pulled the trailer in line with the other trailers to unhook it and couldn’t find my block.  I called the person that had hooked the trailer up that morning to find out where he had hidden my block.  It had been frozen to the ground.  At this point, in the dark, I was crawling around with my flashlight under the pickup and the trailer trying to find the missing block.  It was then that I realized I had pulled back in to the space where the cattle pot had been sitting that morning, not the horse trailer.  So what’s a girl to do but jump in the pickup and pull around to the right spot.  UGH!!!  Yes— with the tailgate open.  My costly little mistake.  Rats!

2015-02-16 20.37.00This has been our life for the last three weeks.  Calving heifers and cleaning barns.  Thankful for my cute helper.

Until next time…. JARW

Oh, one more thing!  Look at these awesome projects my friend has been working on.  The pipes are cool, but the buffalo horn!  Awesome!
2015-01-24 22.13.54
2015-01-24 21.54.28



3 thoughts on “Dreaming of Summer

  1. Teresa

    Hang in there – brrrrr cold here in Canada today but up to above freezing by Friday so they tell us 🙂

  2. Linda Marple Strickland

    I love your day-to-day experiences. This one really brightened my day. I am a single 68 year old “girl”. I raise and board horses on my farm and have been a farm girl all my life. This week, I have stuck the tractor and manure spreader twice; jammed the manure spreader three times(!)–forgot to turn on the beaters twice (STUPID) got frozen manure stuck once; ran the tire off the rim on one tractor (again STUPID!) and hung the tractor half way off the hill on the drive while plowing the snow. How refreshing to see that I am not the only one who deals with these frustrations!!! Keep your posts coming. They are an inspiration.

  3. Jeanne wyatt

    I’m with you! Bring on spring. Enough cold already. I see on the weather report that the next several dys re going to be considerably warmer. I think we have all had days where nothing goes right and it just seems to snowball into worse situations. Thankfully they are few and far between.


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