Feeding Fun

What is it about bale stacks and kids?  I remember how fun it was to climb the stacks.  Now, though, I’m pretty sure I am no longer capable.  The Wild Child thinks it is a glorious escape from the drudgery of feeding.  While we are feeding, walking through the cows, cutting bale wrap and twine, opening and shutting gates, and checking salt, mineral, and water tanks, she likes to spend her time climbing the bales with her bestie, Huck.  That crazy dog loves jumping up the bale rows as much as the Blonde Bomber, only he is a little more adept.

IMG_2190 IMG_2193 IMG_2194

Mr. Huck then comes down for a few pats and “atta-boys” for taking care of our Wild Child.

IMG_2201 IMG_2202Anyone up for some stack climbing?

Just living the life!  Until next time… JARW

4 thoughts on “Feeding Fun

  1. cheri

    I always loved climbing the stacks! Still do. When hubby was a kid, he and his cousin cut ALL the twine except one on EVERY bale!! Big bales too. Just trying to help the guys out! LOL

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      It is a lot funner when you are young, Carolina. I had to climb up a little ways a couple of days ago to try to clean up some bales that had been stuck together and there were strings everywhere. Let me tell you, it is not too much fun when you are old and fat. LOL Guess you can try it when you come to SD. 🙂


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