Friday Funday 04/26/2013

Awwww!  Finally Friday! Glorious Friday.  The day I get to just talk about my blessings.  They are many.


**Grilling season!  YAY!  Plus a full freezer full of beef!  How can I not be thankful for this!






**Mellowing enough to let my 4-year-old decorate her own birthday cake and not be worried about how it looks.  It’s a dalmatian puppy.  Can’t ya tell??







**My chore partner who says “Look mom!  When the cows stand on the hill they can touch the sky!”







**Washing supper dishes and getting to watch this fabulous moon come up!







**My awesome husband who took the day off to just be there for me when I had to go to an appointment I was nervous about.  And please don’t tell him I got all mushy on here; it might freak him out a little!



**Just being in the moment enough to recognize and appreciate the little things that make beauty around me.


**The big guy showing up in time to help me find the missing float in the tank before I had to go swimming.


**My Wild Child getting a much-needed nap among her animals because even tough cowgirls get tired.

My cup runneth over…

4 thoughts on “Friday Funday 04/26/2013

  1. kim

    Thankful today for skilled surgeons and doctors who are taking care of 2 special ladies this week. Little Joey and my buddy, Carole Jayne.. God bless them.

  2. Jody

    I am mighty thankful for the writer of this blog!!!! A great friend is the ray of sunshine that clears everything in your head when fog has set in.


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