Friday Funday 6.27.2013

**The start of the haying season.

**The way our community comes together to celebrate the life of one of its members.

**Morning rides with the WC.

**Sisters who show up whenever I need them, and do things like come bearing gifts for the Wild Child in the form of a quarter-pony mare that needs broke.

IMG_8808 IMG_8810

**Little girls who don’t mind getting dirty.

IMG_8797 IMG_8799 IMG_8804

**Puppies who don’t mind, either.

IMG_8802**Hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish soap.


Has someone made you smile this week?  Did you pay it forward?

One thought on “Friday Funday 6.27.2013

  1. Shirley Mackey

    God has blessed me so much this week as I looked out across the prairie and see the beautiful lush green landscape that looks like we must be in Ireland. And the evening moon has been hung in the sky with such beauty and grace.


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