Fun with Numbers

IMG_6792In honor of summertime and grilling season, here are some cool numbers taken from Farm Journal (late spring 2013, pg 82).  


2 lb:  Fresh green beans necessary to can 1 quart.

12:  Honeybees needed to make 1 tablespoon of honey.

4 lb:  Broccoli consumed per person each year.

22 lb:  Tomatoes consumed per person each year; more than half are in the form of ketchup and tomato sauce.

24 lb:  Sweet corn consumed per person each year; 9.5 lb frozen, 8.7 lb fresh, and 5.8 lb canned.

44:  States that grow watermelons; Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, and Arizona lead the country in production.

57%:  Of barbecue grills sold in 2012 were gas, 41% were charcoal, and 2% were electric powered.

 Now for some of my own numbers:

7:  Pairs of pants I wash every single day for three of us.  Does this make ANY sense?

2:  Probable number of ounces I just spilled on my work laptop, got it dumped out immediately, and STILL my mouse pad doesn’t work.  Boooo.

12:  Number of towels two teenage girls can dirty in a day.

4:  Average number of times I come back to the house for something I forgot when we are headed somewhere.

27:  Number of times I could sweep my ridiculous white linoleum in my kitchen in one day and still have it look dirty.

73:  Average number of junk mail emails I get every single day and block every single day.  The next day– all new ones.  Seriously?

5,000:  My goal number of LIKES on my JARW Facebook page by August 1, 2013.  Achievable??

2,968:  The number of times I look out the window while working (typing) and think “Man I wish I were outside!”



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