Hail No

IMG_6138We have had some extreme weather events this summer.  The moisture has truly been a GODsend, but we have had some other craziness.

The hail got us in July.  I was about 25 miles away at a youth rodeo with the Wild Child when a CODE RED phone call came over my cell phone.  The message told me that there was extreme weather headed towards our home place.  I immediately called home, but I was too late; the storm had already been there.  Fortunately, almost all the vehicles and tractors were in the shop.  However, it broke out several windows in my in-law’s house, dented up a pickup that was at the field (Pine was baling), dented up some trailers and the semi, and did some damage here and there to our house.  It sure laid the grass down all over, but didn’t shear it off so it was pretty much back to normal after a few days.  Overall, we were pretty darned blessed.  It could have been so much worse.

IMG_6133Labor Day weekend we were hit with another crazy storm.  LOTS of rain and some wicked straight line winds blew through here.  There were many broken electric poles (we didn’t have electricity for a couple of days), lots of downed tree branches, some tipped over windbreaks, an exploded little oil field building, and just lots of craziness.  Once again… blessed.  No one was hurt, no livestock loss, and stuff can be replaced.  Here are a few pictures from that storm.

IMG_6135 IMG_6134IMG_6132

IMG_6141IMG_6140 IMG_6139

We had some damage, but nothing compared to what agriculture producers in our neighbor state of Montana are going through.  Look at the devastation from the flooding.



Please keep all these folks devastated by these flood waters in your prayers.

Until next time… JARW

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