JARW Advice 6.26.2013

One word.  CROCK POT!  That’s it.  That’s all.  One word.  Ha!  You wish!  My high school English teacher used to tell me (REPEATEDLY) that my papers were much to wordy.  There.  It’s out there.  I’m wordy.  I know… I should have warned you before this, but I’ve told you now.  You are officially warned.  I’m wordy!

Crock-pots!  Marvelous inventions.  Everyone should have one.  Best time saver EVER.  Well- mostly ever.  I have a basic, run of the mill, absolutely not one thing fancy about it, but able to hold a big family-size roast, crock-pot.  Just like this one.


Basic.  Simple.  Life-saving.  Don’t mock me!  It is life saving.  When you come in freezing from outside during calving and you think you are starving to death? Yes.  I think that qualifies as life-saving.

Crock Pots aren’t just for roasts anymore.  When I was much younger, and much dumber, I used to only use my crock-pot for roasts.  What a waste.  These babies can cook anything!  Breakfast, lunch, supper, dessert!  In fact, I think I need more than one!  Throw your meal in the crock pot at night before bed, turn it on, and shazam– a hot breakfast when you get up!  Or, throw your meal in the crock pot before bed and store in the fridge, and THEN plug it in and turn it on the morning.  You guessed it — either lunch or dinner.  The perfect time saver!  PLUS– one dish clean-up.  Well, I guess one dish if you don’t need any vegies or sides with your meal, and you make everybody eat of the crock-pot instead of on plates, then you can make it a one-dish meal.

I now cook a variety of things in the crock pot.  Lasagna.  Soups.  Stews.  CHOCOLATE CAKE (YUMMO).   Pork Chops.  Fajitas.  Swiss Steak. Stir Fry.  Taco fillings.  Potatoes.  Apple Crisp.  Meat and baked potatoes.  The list is endless.  I love my crock pot.

My ranch wife advice to you is this — Pull out your crock pot, dust it off, wash it out, do whatever you need to do to make it functional, and use it.  It is a huge time saver, life saver, starving kids “what’s for supper” shutter-upper, make your husband smile bigger, and a “Your the best, mom” comment maker!  Enjoy!

Some good crock pot recipe websites:  The Crockin Girls.  Crock Pot Ladies.  Taste of Home.

2 thoughts on “JARW Advice 6.26.2013

  1. Elizabeth Cooper

    Just a note – I live for our crockpot too…and sometimes I don’t want it on all the hours I’m gone, so I bought one of those lamp timers to plug it into…just dial the time you want and presto, crockpot is on!

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      Elizabeth– that is a fabulous idea. I am ordering one right now. Do you mind if I post your trick on my Facebook page as well. I will give you ALL the credit! Promise!


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