Meal Time

SteaksMeal times at our place are filled with surprises.  Breakfast, lunch, and supper.  You never know what time you will eat.  You never know what you will eat.  And you never know what you will hear.  That last one might be the scariest as there are NO secrets with the Wild Child around.

We sat down to a great lunch last week of beef tips, broccoli, and baked potatoes.  Amazingly, it was not too late in the day as it was only about 2 p.m.  Often times lunch is so late in the day that it takes care of supper, as well.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t always hurt my feelings.  However, it is hard to plan when you never know what the day is going to bring.  Everyone had just filled their plates and were taking their first bites when the Wild Child pipes in with “Well, I’ve got new underwear on today.”   Where the heck that came from I will never know, but it definitely took us all by surprise and try as we did not to laugh, we all failed.  You just never know what you will hear.

Meal times during haying (and calving, and spring work, and fall work, and…) vary greatly according to many variables, none of which I have any control over, i.e. the weather, the hay condition, how the cows sort, whether something is calving, how well mannered the bulls were when we were taking them away from the cows, tractor breakdowns, and the list extends to infinity.  During haying the variables include whether the hay is too dry, too wet, parts runs, breakdowns, greasing equipment, OR can we be in the tractors getting it rolled up.  Many days there is no “lunch time”.  Some days the hay is too dry by 9 a.m. and lunch is really on the table around noon.  It all depends.  The Wild Child?  Well, she eats when she is hungry and if there is not a meal she fixes herself a snack of fruit, cheese, PB&J, or whatever she chooses.  Or she heads to Granny’s house for more choices there.  She is pretty self-sufficient.  I try to always have something/anything in the fridge that can be grabbed on  the go… mainly cold roast beef, ham, fruit.  Anyone can make a roast beef sandwich, grab an apple, and head out the door.

I read the other day that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper.  Yeah right!  Tell that to a crew of hungry cowboys who have been out ALL day long and get to the house at dark-thirty because they ran out of daylight.  “Sorry boys… sliced apples and some cheese for you guys tonight.”  I don’t think so.  Not at this house!  There have been way too many meals to count after 9:30 p.m., and there will be many more.  As hard as everyone works they will get to eat supper like a king, too — even if it doesn’t get put on the table until late at night.

Until next time… JARW


One thought on “Meal Time

  1. Paula Vogelgesang

    Yup….and the guys head for the chairs or the couch…or bed as soon as they are done eating and ‘the cook’ stays up for another hour or so cleaning up the mess and getting something underway for the next days meals….


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