Merry Christmas

Christmas 2015My good friend, Jody, sent this to me some time back.  I loved it then and love it every time I go back and read it.  She found it on this website:

Let’s focus today, not on our “have-nots” and wants, 
but rather on our “haves” and present blessings. 
Why not take a moment right now to pause and thank God 
for the place He’s given you to live?
Accept your home and be content in it. 
Offer it to the Lord today to do with as He pleases and ask Him 
to send His creativity through your home as you use it 
to serve your family and all those He will send your way.
Don’t be ashamed of your things, for in them lie possibilities.
Remember what Jesus was able to do with water (turn into wine) 
and a few fish and a few loaves of bread (fed a tiny city)– 
He is able to do anything with what you bring to Him in faith.

Merry Christmas, JARW friends!  How blessed I am to have “met” so many of you through the past year.  May your Christmas holiday season be filled with love and laughter.

God Bless,

Just A Ranch Wife

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