IMG_0085Mistakes.  Ugh.  Everybody makes them.  I’ve maybe made more than my share.  I make myself okay with this little fact by telling myself that all those mistakes just made me who I am today; I’m good with who I am today.  Sounds reasonable doesn’t it?   I would love to have someone tell me they have never made a mistake.  I’m sure I would laugh hysterically.  Baloney!  The only way to never make a mistake is to never do anything.  This ranch wife has broad shoulders.  I can admit it.  I have made plenty.  Thank heavens for forgiving, easy to deal with men that have to work with me every day… well easy to deal with after they calm down.  🙂

Doing SOMETHING / ANYTHING has to be more productive than doing nothing.  Doesn’t it?  This is what I tried to explain to my husband several years ago when I  was raking late one night / early one morning.  I was trying to get this wayward windrow that was down in a tight little peninsula off a field between a side hill and a crick bank. I may have hooked the rake on the hitch by taking a corner too sharp.  It can happen to anyone.  It just bent the hitch a tish.  We got it straightened out after only a half day or so the next day.  Not long.

I used the same reasoning when I was pulling the portable scale to where we were preconditioning calves, hit a bump on the highway (on the pavement going the speed limit I might add) and the scale came unhooked off the ball and passed me on its way to the ditch.  Why the dang thing didn’t bury the hitch in the pavement or in the dirt going down through the ditch and flip I will never know.  Divine intervention I’m sure.  It just dug a big ole furrow down the ditch and came to a stop, still upright.  Hallelujah.

I had my friend, Karen, with me.  I saw it happening in the rear view mirror and said “Oh Sh**!  We just lost the scale.”  She laughed thinking I was kidding until she saw it pass the pickup.  Her husband was in front of us with a load of horses.  She called him to come help us, but by the time he got back to us I had already pulled into the ditch and hooked it back up.  I was sweating bullets wondering how I was going to explain this to the Big Guy, my brother-in-law, and father-in-law.  Karen was laughing because she wasn’t driving and didn’t have to explain anything.  Nice supportive friend.  She laughed pretty much the next 40 miles to the corrals.

Upon arriving to the corrals I made the decision that telling my brother-in-law was the best bet.  He would growl at his wife if she had been driving, but probably not so much at me.   On the flip side, my husband might definitely growl at me.  Brother-in-law it was.  I asked him if he wanted to break the news to the Big Guy what had happened.  He laughed.  Seriously.  He laughed.  Asked if it had tipped over or flipped.  Nope.  He thought everything was probably just fine.  After finding my spine and spilling the beans to the Big Guy I found out that he had been worried about the hitch the day before when he left it at the house in town for me to bring.  Seriously?  Are you freaking kidding me?  I had been worried sick for 40 miles and you were worried about the hitch last night?  Ugh!

And while we are discussing mistakes, marrying the Big Guy was definitely NOT a mistake.  I told him I was writing a blog on my mistakes and asked him to list some of my mistakes as I couldn’t seem to remember any.  Selective memory.  He said he couldn’t remember any either.  I said “Seriously.  I need you to give me some examples of mistakes I have made so I can write this blog.”  Nope.  He was sure he couldn’t think of one.  GOOD MAN!  He knew that that was the ONLY safe option.  Never mind that I asked him to list them, begged him for some examples, Mr. Intelligent swore he couldn’t think of one.  One of my favorite quotes is a quote by Billy Joel that states “I’ve reached the age where intelligence and competence are turn-ons.”  ((Laughing))  I married an intelligent man.  I know.. I know.  WAY too much information!  🙂

As for my LONG list of mistakes, I hate to let all my skeletons out of the closet at once.  They might be become a little overwhelming.  I’ll spill the beans a few at a time.

Until next time— JARW

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