We have spent several days over the last couple of weeks pregnancy checking cows.  Let me rephrase that— The Big Guy has spent several days over the last couple of weeks pregnancy testing cows and helping his brother feel more confident in his testing skills.  I spent many days over the last couple of weeks doing whatever was needed from pushing cows up a chute, running a vaccine gun, or (as evidenced below) leaning against a sorting stick looking all grump-ass while everyone else worked.  That, my friends, is why I carry the camera and take the pictures— so I’m not busted with proof that I was lazing around.  IMG_0791

 The Wild Child kept busy doing what she loves to do best… riding her trusty steed, Speed.


When she got done with that she helped push cows up the chute, even ducking down when necessary so they would keep moving.


Pregnancy checking is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  Who better than the men!?!   For those who have never seen the process, the picture proof is below, along with a video.  Yep, he has his arm right where you think he does.


These cows were done and watching the action from as far away from the chute as they could stand.  Probably not how they expected to spend their day!


Dressed and ready for action… after enjoying a glass of iced tea.


Double checking to see what his brother was feeling while helping him hone his pregnancy checking skills.


 Only two more bunches to check and then we will be done for the fall.  As a side note, the cows tested as “open” or not bred are normally hauled to the sale barn as it is not cost-effective to keep an open cow for over a year.

That ends your ranching lesson for the day.  Until next time— JARW


4 thoughts on “Open?

    1. Ranch Wife Post author

      We have been so lucky, Jan. Every day that we have worked calves or cows this fall has been absolutely beautiful. Unbelievable really. Makes those days that much sweeter!

  1. Heidi

    Oh too funny….. had to explain to my boyfriend what preg checking was and then showed him the video.. he said ” Oh hell no” still laughing seeing the expression on his face.


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