Pic Time

Huck taking a break from chores


Waiting for the feeding tractor.IMG_2787

My tried-and-true, broken-handled, nobody is going to steal it, pitchfork.IMG_2778

Chained up tractor tires for tractor in the ice and snow.

Enjoying some hay on a cold morning.

A view of some areas of man-made protection.  Thank heavens for trees to block the snow and wind. IMG_2757

Some stragglers coming in to feed. IMG_2739

Some of the cows on the feed ground.IMG_2745

It is cold and chilly here today.  Hope your area is warmer and less windy.

Until next time… JARW

2 thoughts on “Pic Time

  1. colleen goings

    Nope, we had about 8″ of snow, and now I think the wind is coming up. 2nd calvers are just starting and we got them home just in time so didnt have to check them in corn field all night. I hate those darn mean heifers, Have a good one. colleen


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