One thing about Facebook JARW friends is that they often see pictures that the rest of you don’t see if you aren’t on Facebook.  Thus I want to share a few of my favorite recent pictures with you that I posted on Facebook.

Here is the Wild Child standing in a field of haybet barley.  This picture was in the third week of June.  The barley was cut a week ago on July 20th.
2014-07-09 11.03.02

Trailers hooked and ready to go.  One will haul horses and the other will be used to bring home some bulls that were injured. 2014-07-09 12.46.05

We love USA Beef! 🙂  2014-07-09 12.46.18

My raking help needed a potty break.  Doesn’t every one rake hay in a mini skirt?2014-07-10 20.22.20

Home away from home.  2014-07-10 21.09.48

Until next time— JARW

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