Project One

IMG_0041This is our walk-out basement– on MUD.  This is our next cement pouring project.  Every time it rains or snows this place collects it and has a perpetual mud issue.  The retaining wall on the right will also be extended out about another eight feet and will have a couple more feet added in height to allow for some dirt to be added to the “yard” on the other side of the wall.  I use the term “yard” quite loosely as it is basically only a weed patch at this point, but times– they are a changing!

We also replaced the sidewalks around my in-law’s house that were in much need of repair.  They are awesome.  If I wasn’t so lazy I would walk over there and take a picture of them right now to prove my point, but it is drizzly and I am being a slug so you will just have to take my word for it.  Plus, I want to wait until the back step is rebuilt so I can take a true “completed” picture!  Good plan huh!?!

To keep the little mud-wreckers at bay (the Wild Child, Huck, and Pard–tIMG_6643he corgi cross), we had to separate and divide.  We knew that these three would like nothing more than to have their mark left in the cement for future generations.  The dogs got to hang out down by the horse barn.  They didn’t enjoy it.  The Wild Child, however, got to spend the morning riding her trusty steed– Speed.  She enjoyed it quite a bit more than the dogs.  She did find out what happens when you trot bareback under a low branch though.

Wild Child

I missed the fun as I had my ride and the Big Guy’s ride over getting a


 little TLC from the farrier.  They are now all ready to start working calves next week.

Until next time– JARW

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