Random Tractor Thoughts

MultiThinkingAnyone who has spent a lot of time in a car, in a tractor, on the back of a horse, or just a lot of time alone can appreciate the fact that there are lots of random thoughts that can run through your brain.  Some of them leave you wondering “What the heck?!  Where did that come from?!”  At least for me it does.  I tried to make some mental notes and real notes over the last few nights of the craziness that goes on in my head.  Perhaps the locoweed bouquet on my table is more spot-on than I originally believed!

A little unsolicited JARW advice, if using talk-to-text on your phone to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the windrow, turn the dang radio off.  It took quite a bit of deciphering to figure out what the heck my notes meant, and I am the one who ‘wrote’ them.  There are song lyrics in the midst of a phrase, there are mumble-jumble / make no sense stuff in there too.  I assume this is the squeal of the rake wheels, or the tractor talking.  The messages are really quite laughable, and some unprintable.  Good for a morning chuckle when you are tired and everything is funny.

Just to highlight how random my brain works, here are a few of the thoughts that I left myself when I found myself ‘thinking’ something crazy.  ‘THINKING’ is a huge stretch for what I must have been doing.

  • For goodness sakes, does this guitar solo have to go on forever?!  Shut off the dang radio for a while.

  • I need to call Karen tomorrow to see if Fred happened to leave his coat at our house during branding (two months ago).

  • — side note:  I didn’t call, Karen.  Maybe she reads my posts.  If so, did he??

  • Wonder where that jet is headed?  Someplace exotic?  If I blink my lights repeatedly I wonder if anyone can see me and wonder what I’m doing.

  • Whoops— Yep!  Pine can see me.  And wonders what the heck I’m doing.  Try explaining that one to your grumpy husband in the baler.

  • You have got to be kidding me.  Turn the radio back on!  IT is NOT Christmas season.  Or at least come up with something else and quit humming “What Child is This”

  • I wonder how my “Girl of Summer” is doing?  Wonder if she would rather be in the tractor than home sleeping.  Yeah right!

  • Girl of Summer
  • Wonder how long it will take me to walk back to the other corner of the field and get the pickup?

  • I haven’t seen one snake all day.  I’m sure they are waiting for me to hike across the field in the middle of the night before they surprise me.  Damn snakes.

  • Why would you want to eat a rattlesnake?

  • Sure hope I took some meat out so I have something to put in the crockpot in the morning.

  • “Morning has broken…”  Turn the radio on, Tami!!! You need some rockin’ music.

  • So close to the end of the field!  Happy dance time?  Perhaps!

My train of thought definitely follows an uncharted track.

Until next time… JARW

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