Saturday’s Random Ramblings 04/27/2013

mugs**Why is there no one home to eat supper on the nights when you actually make a well-balanced tremendous supper?

**Why can teenage girls get up at the crack of dawn for a social event and/or at the urging of their friends, but can’t hardly drag themselves out of bed before noon if they are home with work to be done?

**Why does the stinkin little pup insist on dragging every blanket out of his dog house at least three times a day?IMG_6823





**Why does NO ONE except a mom seem to know how to refill the toilet paper stash beside the toilet?

**Why does it seem like the last 15-30 cows take absolutely forever to have their calves?

**Why are you absolutely certain when you are at the grocery store that you have everything else you need for your recipe at home only to find out that you don’t when you start to make it?

 **What makes mud so fun to play in?  IMG_3110Plus, I don’t think the broom is going to make a difference in cleaning you up this time, sweets!

**Where do those MONSTER flies hide all winter while waiting to show up in your house on the first nice spring day??


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