Spring is here

It is 4:00 a.m. and I am up waiting for a heifer (2-year-old cow) to have her calf.  She was put in the shed about a hour ago and it is almost time to go check on her again and see how things are progressing.  We are down to waiting on just five heifers to have their calves.

That was the start of my post on 04/03/2013.  Things got a little busy and I’m just getting back to finishing.  The heifer calved and then there were four.  As I type the rest of this post, we have two more heifers in the process of calving.  Yippee!  There are signs of spring all around me– new life everywhere.  The calves are running and bucking in the pasture.  The cold nights and warm days bring forth bouts of pneumonia in the calves and we have doctored a couple now, but the sunshine is as healing as the medicine and even those calves were running and playing today.  I saw my first robin two days ago– a sure sign of spring, as well as getting to listen to the meadowlarks serenade me the past few mornings.  Life is grand.

My favorite sign of spring is the wild crocus.  The crocus, or American Pasque Flower, is the South Dakota State Floral Emblem.  This is most often the first flower to bloom in the spring and the pasque, along with the motto “I lead”, was designated the SD Floral Emblem.  The stewards of this beautiful ranch, Big Guy and his father (known as Papa by our children), are the ones who first told me where to find the earliest crocuses.  They relayed to me that the first place I would find crocuses in bloom was on the north sides of the scoria hills.  It makes me smile to this day remembering the Big Guy bringing me home a handful of crocuses the first spring I lived here, and the next year taking our youngest out to pick me the first blooms.   I have yet to see any crocuses yet this year (yes I looked today), but am hoping this glorious rain that is falling as I type will prompt some blooming!

I’m humbled and in awe knowing that the rancher is the truest and best steward of this great land.  He is the one who knows where the first wildflower will bloom, as well as where to most likely spot the first robin, or see the earliest fawn or the first shoots of green grass.   Being part of this lifestyle with its rewards, commitments, hardships, glories, and most of all, blessings, makes me one of the luckiest women on earth.  And to think there are those that think that I’m just a ranch wife…IMG_2541

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