Sweetness & Sarcasm 6.29.2013

IMG_8059Windmill on the Prairie 

If I could paint a picture of the finest place on earth,
it would never be of buildings, pay no matter what they’re worth.
There’d be no canvas covered with a village, neat and quaint;
…a windmill on the prairie is what I’d choose to paint.
Now, you may think it silly that anyone could see
beauty in a windmill, but they mean a lot to me.
Like a lighthouse to a sailor, they’re a symbol of the West
of life that’s free and easy, a lifestyle that’s the best.
To me there’s nothing better than to be out there with God,
smell the clover-scented grass, or raindrops on the sod;
to hear the rustling of the trees, the lowing of the herds;
and watch a hawk a-circlin’, then be chased away by birds.
A friend to man and beast alike, they never cease to work,
bring forth the fresh cold water from far beneath the earth.
When evening shadows lengthen, like a tower in the night,
a windmill in the sunset is such a wondrous sight.
You can have the Eiffel Tower or the Vatican in Rome;
sky scrapers in the cities, or the fanciest of homes.
The simple upright beauty that will put them all to test
is a windmill on the prairie when the sun sets in the West!

Poetry by Yvonne Hollenbeck.  Reprinted with author’s permission.  You can find more of her work on her website.   Enjoy.

A little Saturday sarcasm…

**Don’t know why he insists on putting in a coyote calling video, settling into his favorite chair for a break, and falling promptly asleep. Now I’m the only one “enjoying” the coyote calling.  Jeez.

**How can dandelions grow three inches overnight out of your freshly mowed lawn?

**How come the green apples in the refrigerator don’t call me as loudly as the bag of peanut M&Ms in the pantry?

**Is juice always better out of a little sippy bag?  The Wild Child thinks so.

**Does anyone else out there find it highly amusing when someone says “I just forgot to eat.”  Seriously?  I can honestly say those words have never escaped my mouth.  How do you forget to eat?

**Does anyone else out there find it highly annoying that everyone likes a clean house, but no one thinks anything of making a mess and leaving it?

Have a blessed weekend.  Make someone smile today!

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