The Big Question

Kids in agriculture often learn life lessons much earlier than most.  They experience the loss of calves, lambs, pets, etc., early in life and sometimes often.  On the flip side, they are blessed to see the miracle of birth way more often.  And, they learn about the birds and the bees earlier than most kids.

Tonight we had been talking about getting the rest of the bulls out of the cows as the breeding season has ended for us, and then hauling the bulls back to their home pasture to recoup and get ready for next year.  Later while tucking the Wild Child into bed, after prayers, we were visiting about our day.  She started telling me about a day in late June when we moved some pairs from one pasture to a new pasture.

“Mom.  There was this bull with a dirty butt… I think he was #4.  Anyway, he was riding all the cows.”

“That’s his job, honey.  He was breeding them so they can have calves again in the spring.  Cows can’t have babies without bulls.”

“Oh yeah.  I knew that.”  Silence…  and then, “So moms can’t have babies unless dads breed them?”

“Ok!  Time to go to sleep!  Have a good night, Sweets.”

Sometimes it is best to leave the birds and the bees talk strictly focused on animals, especially when dealing with a 5-year-old.  Yep— she caught me off guard on that one.

Until next time… JARW

3 thoughts on “The Big Question

  1. The Crazy Ranch Wife

    That brought back memories. Years ago one of my friends who lived in town asked me how I was going to tell my kids about the birds and bees. She was really stressed out about it but I just had to laugh – our boys had been around livestock their whole lives and had seen it all. I cant remember how many discussions we had in the pickup while moving cattle. When our oldest son had sex education in school I asked him if he had learned anything new. He said No Mom, you told me all that already. No big deal. You got to love ranch kids! 🙂

  2. crazyfarmlife

    That is too funny. I had to explain to my 12 year old son what A.I. was. I started to tell him and then he asked me how do they get it (the semen) I then had to carefully explain that. I basically decided to give him the run down as truthful as possible without totally mortifying him. Bet he is the only one in middle school that knows what that is. I think he sort of blocked it out though because at the 4H fair this weekend when the subject came up his face went completely blank for a minute 🙂

  3. Cora

    That is so funny. You handled that like a pro. Kids will be kids. Francie Giannonatti always told me if they are old enough to ask, then they are old enough to know. Ya, but 5 is a little young, Good job mom.


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