Till The Cows Come Home

IMG_0776The cows are all officially off of summer grass.  The last batch was hauled home yesterday.  Two pot loads, two trailer loads, and the Wild Child and I hauling horses.  They are in the corral as I type this readying themselves for being pregnancy checked this morning.  Everything will then all be checked, the rest of the opens will be hauled to the sale, and we will be one more step closer to being prepared for the winter / spring.  How blessed we have been to have open pastures still at the end of November and not feeding hay every day.  Every day is one day closer to spring!

20131016_161812There are still some cows and yearling bred heifers on fall grass and not right here at home. They are on some land that is about seven miles away by road, little less as the crow flies.  We will trail those home in a week or two as the weather dictates.  We will then have everything where it belongs and where they will stay through the end of calving / branding season.  Seems like all these “seasons” get closer and closer every year.  Is this happening to anyone else?  Seems like only a week or two ago we were sorting pairs to haul everything out to summer pasture.  Now here we are wearing long-johns and “light” winter clothing getting ready to pregnancy check our last bunch.

IMG_9633Yet another thing for me to be thankful for… all the cows being close to home again.  The dogs will be happy, too.  They have been bored all summer and fall waiting for something to do besides bring the old horses in twice a day during chores.  Maybe now they will quit dragging around a 12-foot piece of 3-inch PVC pipe that extends from our drain pipe on our house.  They drag it way out in to the middle of the alfalfa field and then dig around the ends trying to get that crazy rabbit that never seems to appear.  They definitely need something to do.

So out the door we go, the Wild Child and I, to enjoy yet another beautiful fall day.  Hope you day is filled with blessings and getting to do something you love.

Until next time… JARW

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