“Weather” We Will

IMG_4213One thing about being in agriculture, you better like being the “beck and call girl” for Mother Nature.  SHE makes the rules.  SHE decides if you are going to get any sleep in the spring during calving, or “weather” she is in the mood to dump LOADS of snow on you and make every single thing exponentially more difficult.  SHE decides if you are going to brand on the day you have your crew lined up, or “weather” she needs to blow off some steam and try to blow your crew away or give them a good soaking.  SHE decides if you are going to get your fields planted, or “weather” your tractor is going to be stuck up to the axle when you tried too soon.  SHE decides if you are going to get your hay cut and baled, or “weather” she wants to blow it around or wet it down some.  Her weather makes us slaves to the weather reports, the radars, the 5-day outlooks, the 10-day outlooks, the 30-day outlooks, the “90-days from a fog” markings on your calendar, the “morning doves are sitting on the road” wife’s tails; like it or not, we are addicted to the weather reports.

IMG_4226Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE the moisture and are in no way complaining about the rain.  Let me reiterate for those that will misinterpret.  Again, we LOVE the moisture we have been blessed with and are NOT complaining about the moisture one bit.  I’m just telling ya— our schedules and plans are always up in the air depending on what Mother Nature throws at us.

WindrowsHay is now on the ground.  The swathing officially kicked off this week.  It got shut down yesterday afternoon after studying the weather.  There is a pretty good chance the rain is going to give the hay that is down a pretty good soaking.  It really hasn’t dried at all since being cut.  Three of four days ago it looked like we would be probably swathing more fields today while I was raking hay that was already down, and Pine would be getting ready to get some bales rolled up.

“Not so fast!”  countered Mother Nature.  Instead I am power washing decks to try to get them re-stained.  Cass is fertilizing lawns so the potential rain can soak it in.  Pine is going through the baler one last time.

And the Wild Child— oh, Mother Nature doesn’t bother her.  She is going about her business as usual while biding her time until the rodeo tonight.  Yep— blessed.  Kate roping

Until next time… JARW

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