Who’s The Idiot

IMG_4640Square bales.  Idiot cubes.   Looks like work doesn’t it.  Don’t kid yourself.   It IS work.  The first few bales you are throwing on the trailer feel light; each bale gets exponentially heavier.   Pine had a friend of his come up and bale some second cutting alfalfa into square bales for barn feeding during calving.  Square bales are much easier to deal with than big round bales while doing barn chores.

Jason was planning on showing up after his regular work hours to bale this for us.  We had talked about it the day before and all was well.  Except that there was major rain in the forecast, AND Pine had to leave to go fight fire down by our south ranch.  He left me with specific instructions:

  • “Run down to the Hansen Place and get Papa out of the tractor where he was baling hay.  Tell him you need help as you need him to drive the pickup and trailer while you are loading square bales.”

  • “When you get back home, hook the red flatbed up to the black pickup and head to the field.”

  • Oh— and this one…”You have GOT to get all these loaded and under shelter before the rain comes.”

Being the good ranch wife I am, I followed his instructions ALMOST to the T.  I did run down and get Papa out of the field to drive the pickup and flatbed.  I did hook up the red flatbed to the black pickup and headed to the field.  I did make sure all these bales were loaded and under shelter before the rain came (It never came.)  But, I improvised just a little.  I got on the cell and called Trent, my 23-year-old son.

“Trent.  This is mom.  I need help.  I have to get these square bales loaded and under cover before the rain comes.  You can pick up a case of beer on the way through Ludlow and I will pay for it.  Can you come and help me?”

“Absolutely, Mom.  I just happen to have four guys in the pickup with me right now.  We will be there in 30 minutes.”

No idiot here.  Those kids had the flatbed loaded in under 15 minutes.  Papa drove.  Jason and Tucker stacked.  The other four threw bales.  Andi and I gathered bales in to bunches to make them handier.  I think the driver stopped ONE time and that was when he was negotiating a corner.  It was awesome.  Plus, they were laughing and having a good time doing it.  One thing that makes this momma’s heart smile is watching kids work and enjoy it so much that they LAUGH while doing it.  Blessed.

The next morning Pine came to the house and said “Well, we better go get these bales unloaded and stacked.  I need them out of the shop.”

WHAT?!?  Why the heck didn’t he tell me where he wanted them the afternoon before when I had all that help.  Lucky for us, Cass had just gotten home from volleyball practice, stiff and sore, and we were sure unloading some square bales would be the best thing for her.  She threw them to the back of the trailer, and Pine and I hauled them in the barn and stacked them.  Granted— this isn’t where they will be come winter.  The majority of them have to go to a different barn.  But we couldn’t unload them there as there is a building project going to happen on that barn this month.

When it comes time to load most of them once again and haul them to the other barn, I am sure hoping Trent and his buddies can still be bought for a case of beer.

Until next time… JARW


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